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Eye Licker are (in order of the bottom row): Rob - Bass / Majkel - Drums / Paul - Vocals / Lee - Guitar


We are Eye Licker, we formed in 2007, we set out to be overly noisy, unnecessarily loud and to be not very good at what we do, just to have a lot of fun.


We just wanted to make up a load of songs and just gig anywhere that would have us on, that meant that we didn't have any long term plans for the band.


As members came and went we gradually started writing better songs, playing more gigs further afield and getting better recordings, and still, we never really had any long term plans for the band.


11 years later, 6 releases, 3 drummers and 2 bassists, we're still going and still have no long term plans for the band.

One day at a time and winging it keeps us going.