Eye Licker are (in order of the images): Rob - Bass / Michal - Drums / Paul - Vocals / Lee - Guitar


Forming in 2007 and often (proudly) considered a 'marmite' band, with original members, Paul on vocals, Lee on guitar, Dan on drums and karl on bass and with a love for all things punk, metal and hardcore, the band set out to blend everything into one creating an aggressive free flowing style and sound all of their own.

The band released their first demo in 2009 and by the end of the year Eye Licker and Dan had parted ways and became a closed shop with new drummer, David, now firmly behind the kit while they worked on new material.


The next couple of years the band were quietly getting on with doing a few gigs here and there and by 2012 a new demo "Owt Fer Nowt" made it's appearance, Recorded in a shed somewhere in Stockport, several songs were recorded but only 3 made it to disc.


The band went into Pumpkin records to record a split with good friends, Utah based Thrash/Death metal band Deathead, which was released in March 2013 with Rob now on bass duties, The band also featured on a couple of compilation releases by and Yorkshire based Under Dogz Records.


In 2014 Eye Licker went back into Pumpkin Records to record their first full length "Cursed Earth Wasteland" which recieved some rave reviews, most notably from Dave of Fungalpunknature, The band were also proud to be asked to play the Manchester Punks Picnic at the Star and Garter a few months later, as well as featuring on a few more compilations, One being a 7" vinyl by Orchestrated Dystopia Records, Under Dogz Records and European based, Street Voices


Back in August 2013, shortly after the Split with Deathead, the band returned to to Pumpkin Records to record 3 songs originally intended for compilations but were never officially released, In Feb 2015 they were finally released in a split with the excellent anarcho band, Evil Eye.


After David left the band in early 2015 they were rudderless for a little over a year before Michal came along to take up the sticks, The band is currently working on new material and fitting as many gigs as possible.